[MPlayer-users] dynamically resize video while playing

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Wed Jul 29 21:17:08 EEST 2020


On 2020-07-27 14:40 +0000, Darryl Burchfield wrote:
> Is MPlayer capable of resizing a video while playing.
> I have an application that runs on imbedded systems with two different display sizes but with the same video for both displays.  The app is a Windows 7/10 app written in C# but I am porting it over to Linux by running the app with Mono on Debian.  I do have the video playing on Linux but it does not resize to the actual size of the display.

Heavily depends on the exact circumstances.

If you just start mplayer it will usually do no resizing, except aspect
scaling. If you drag the window to be smaller or bigger or go into
fullscreen mode, the video should be automatically scaled accordingly.

If it actually happens depends on the exact video output driver (vo)
that is used. Usually it's good to test with vo gl, if it's available
on your platform, because it's pretty complete regarding the windowing
and scaling features.

Some of the scaling features can be done in software, explicitly by
MPlayer (video filter scale, -zoom option), or implicitly through
e.g. vo gl using a software OpenGL implementation. It's usually not
what you want, I expect even less on most embedded systems.

Besides, I think you need to investigate about

1. the video capabilites of your target hardware
2. what of the above is exactly supported by your target os
3. which of the remaining possibilities you want support with your app
4. if you want to use mplayer, you need to find out if the wanted
   possibilities are supported by mplayer

Your choice will likely have different properties in e.g.

* display quality
* power usage
* supported pixel formats/codecs

Hope that helps a bit. I must admit didn't completely understand your
exact setup and your motivation.


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