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On 2020-07-29 at 14:17, Alexander Strasser wrote:

> Hi!
> On 2020-07-27 14:40 +0000, Darryl Burchfield wrote:
>> Is MPlayer capable of resizing a video while playing. I have an
>> application that runs on imbedded systems with two different
>> display sizes but with the same video for both displays.  The app
>> is a Windows 7/10 app written in C# but I am porting it over to
>> Linux by running the app with Mono on Debian.  I do have the video
>> playing on Linux but it does not resize to the actual size of the
>> display.
> Heavily depends on the exact circumstances.


> Hope that helps a bit. I must admit didn't completely understand
> your exact setup and your motivation.

I parse the situation as being:

* A single computer, connected to two different monitors with different

* Using a "mirror" display configuration, so that both monitors display
the same content. (Depending on the details, in some cases it may be
possible to have this happen with the content dynamically rescaled to
fit whichever monitor is involved. The nearest real-world examples I can
think of from the Windows world involve "extend" configurations rather
than "mirror", though.)

* Want to have the video rescaled on the fly so that it exactly fits the
screens of both monitors at once, irrespective of their different
resolutions. (Vs. fitting one screen but being either too large or too
small for the other, as apparently happens now.)

At a glance, that looks to me as if it's not an issue for MPlayer, or
for any given video-producing application, but for whatever is doing
the "mirror"ing of the displays. I have basically no dual-displays
experience under Linux, to date, so I can't really advise here.

The question to get started investigating would probably be: what
exactly does "with the same video for both displays" mean, and what
software is producing that behavior? My guesses about the former are
above, but I have no idea about the latter.

   The Wanderer

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