[MPlayer-users] help with mplayer screenshot functionality

Vera L. te Velde vtevelde at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 05:31:07 CET 2015


I am trying to use mplayer to scroll through video segments frame by frame
and extract particular (in focus) frames. Unfortunately, this isn't working
as desired because using -vf screenshot saves the *next* frame, not the
frame that the video is currently paused on. Since I also can't step
backwards by a single frame after finding a focused frame that I want to
save, I've had to resort to saving huge numbers of frames and deleting most
of them by hand.

I found a bug report (https://trac.mplayerhq.hu/ticket/1604) about the
screenshot behavior marked "will not fix" due to it being a known
limitation of vf_screenshot. I'm sure there is a good technical reason for
it, but this seems to be *clearly not* the desired behavior. I suspect most
people don't even realize that the current frame isn't saved, but in low
light or other conditions where focused frames are the exception, it is

Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds that might help me
accomplish this extraction of particular focused frames as I identify them?
I can't use the operating systems print screen functionality because the
video isn't actually played back at full 4K resolution on a normal monitor.
Does anyone know another player that will extract the current paused frame
and which allows stepping forwards frame by frame?


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