[MPlayer-users] Mixed telecine playback with vdpau

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Mon Nov 2 06:48:13 CET 2015

On 11/01/15 23:50, Marlon Smith wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm playing a dvd with mixed telecine and progressive content, and using
> vdpau to accelerate playback, with this command:
> mplayer dvd://4 -dvd-device /dev/sr0 -vo vdpau:deint=4:pullup
> This works well for the telecined parts of the video, but introduces
> artifacts during the progressive part (presumably because it is trying
> to deinterlace the progressive content).

Have you tried -vo vdpau:deint=3:pullup? The man page says, that pullup
only works with motion adaptive temporal deinterlacing. Deint mode 3
falls in that category also.
I don't have any telecine content to check, but I have tried both mode
3 and 4 with and without pullup on progressive only content and could
not see any artifacts.

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