[MPlayer-users] Flicker Black Bars on videos

X3fil xefil at xefil.com
Fri Aug 29 17:13:07 CEST 2014

Hallo Again!

So, now I'm on the last version:

MPlayer SVN-r37257-4.8 (C) 2000-2014 MPlayer Team

I'm playing the movie with this cli:

mplayer -noass -fs -vo vdpau -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau <filename>

By default the subtitles are under the movie in the black bars. The movie AND the subtitles are 
shown correctly, but the black bars are flickering, showing the background behind (the xbmc menu).

What is different from previous mplayer version I was using?

Previous the subtitles are not shown, now yes. The rest (movie ok, but black bars flickers) still 
the same.

I've noticed the following:

Within XBMC, during playback, movie and subtitles are shown in a way they seems forced ontop. If I 
move the mouse (this happen on cli, outside from xbmc too), then the cursor disappear behind the 
movie and behind the subtitles (when shown). I think it has something with vdpau and framebuffer to 
do. Seems the black bars are not sent to "-vo vdpau" and so they are not ontop and are flickern 
between underlayer software (xbmc) and the the movie itself.

Any idea?



Il 28/08/2014 09:44, X3fil ha scritto:
> Hallo Reimar,
> First of all I'll try to compile the version taken from here:
> svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk mplayer
> Then, I'll try it again.
> About XBMC, I've tested rellla (for Eden) and warped-rudi (for Gotham) versions. They are xbmc forks
> for A10. It's a little buggy, but can compile and start. If you need further informations on that,
> ask me.
> Meanwhile I'll let you know how it works with the right version of mplayer :)
> thank you
> Simon
> On 27.08.2014, at 15:35, X3fil <xefil at xefil.com> wrote:
>  > Version in use:
>  > root at my-system:~# mplayer
>  > MPlayer2 2.0-701-gd4c5b7f-2ubuntu2 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team
> That is an unmaintained fork and not MPlayer.
> If you use MPlayer I am fairly certain that at least the OSD will work (at least in -noass mode).
> I have a fairly similar system (cubietruck) I could try this on, though I never got XBMC to run on
> it usably (you need gles support, but when you also have VDPAU it doesn't even compile, and I didn't
> even know you could integrate MPlayer).
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