[MPlayer-users] Flicker Black Bars on videos

X3fil xefil at xefil.com
Thu Aug 28 09:44:18 CEST 2014

Hallo Reimar,

First of all I'll try to compile the version taken from here:

svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk mplayer

Then, I'll try it again.
About XBMC, I've tested rellla (for Eden) and warped-rudi (for Gotham) versions. They are xbmc forks 
for A10. It's a little buggy, but can compile and start. If you need further informations on that, 
ask me.

Meanwhile I'll let you know how it works with the right version of mplayer :)
thank you

On 27.08.2014, at 15:35, X3fil <xefil at xefil.com> wrote:
 > Version in use:
 > root at my-system:~# mplayer
 > MPlayer2 2.0-701-gd4c5b7f-2ubuntu2 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team

That is an unmaintained fork and not MPlayer.
If you use MPlayer I am fairly certain that at least the OSD will work (at least in -noass mode).
I have a fairly similar system (cubietruck) I could try this on, though I never got XBMC to run on 
it usably (you need gles support, but when you also have VDPAU it doesn't even compile, and I didn't 
even know you could integrate MPlayer).

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