[MPlayer-users] Building MPlayer and XMMS

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Wed Feb 27 23:03:58 CET 2013

Hi Elio Blanca!

 On 2013.02.27 at 21:04:11 +0100, Elio Blanca wrote next:

> Hi, I'm trying to build mplayer (today source snapshot) with support
> for xmms plugins (I'm running ubuntu 12.04 precise with latest
> updates).
> In order to do so, libxmms.so.1 must be installed on my system but
> xmms 1.x is no longer provided into repos, so the only way is to
> built it by myself. Sadly, the new xmms2 doesn't provide
> libxmms.so.1.
> Xmms 1.x, in turn, needs gtk-1.x which doesn't appear in ubuntu anymore.
> I feel I'm going to build a new `ancient' system on purpose only to get libxmms.so.1
> So, is there a short way for achieving xmms plugins support TODAY in mplayer?

Other than installing gtk-1.2 development packages somehow and then
compiling old xmms 1.x, there is no way..

Out of curiousity, which plugin are you interested in? I'm surprised you
find it useful at all; I could understand if you wanted gstreamer plugin
support for mplayer or audacious plugins or something like that, at
least they have plugins for some obscure formats that mplayer can't
play.. But xmms 1?



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