[MPlayer-users] BUG: long file names with Japanese characters

ricardo colon rico.colon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 17:11:17 CET 2009

Good Afternoon

I am having an issue with loading a Japanese TV show .

I'm running the following version of SMPlayer on windows:
Version: 0.6.6 (SVN r2599)
Using Qt 4.4.2 (compiled with Qt 4.4.2)

There seems to be an issue where smplayer will not play a file if it contains
a file name with many Japanese characters. Renaming the file to a short name
in English fixes the issue.

For example, the file I have is:
(TV) [ドラマ] ブラッディ・マンデイ 第01話
(1280x720 DivX684).avi

The subtitles are named:
(TV) [ドラマ] ブラッディ・マンデイ 第01話
(1280x720 DivX684).srt

It won't play at all.
But then rename it to "video.avi" and the subtitles to "video.srt" and
it'll work.

What's interesting is that the filename (in Japanese) displays
correctly in the window title bar
(after I renamed the file). So this is strictly an issue with the file
name. Any meta-data
in the file displays correctly.

I don't know if this issue is relating to Japanese characters, long
file names, subtitle loading or anything else.
Thank you.


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