[MPlayer-users] the Export Audio Filter

Jan Knutar jknutar at nic.fi
Sun Mar 15 01:44:25 CET 2009

On Saturday 14 March 2009, Kevin DeKorte wrote:

> >> I've been working with the output of the Export Audio Filter and
> >> I'm not quite sure what I am looking at with the values coming
> >> out, could some one clear it up a little.
> >>
> >> When I play an mp3 file, I'm capturing the data from the file and
> >> storing it in an array that is a guint16 and [2][512] I know that
> >> the
> >
> > It's signed 16bit int, not unsigned. See if it makes more sense.
> > Left and right channel interleaved.
> ok that is helpful, but can you describe what the '16bit int' is? So
> it has a range of -32768 to 32768 what is that telling me? Sorry for
> being dense.


In your original post you said "usable", I'm not sure what usable is to 
you. The export filter gives you the raw pcm sound in signed 16bit 

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