[MPlayer-users] configure --disable-network fails on make

John Brown johnbrown105 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 16 14:19:05 CET 2008

Alexander Bokovikov wrote:
> John Brown wrote:
>> My newest executable is in mencoder.tar.bz2. Download it at:
>> http://download.yousendit.com/CC20844871AC0844
> I've tested it. It works fine on Core2Duo but fails on P-III with this
> error:
> Exception Code: 0xC000001D
> Address: 0x0040DE5C


> I'm not so skilled (softly speaking) in MINGW debugging, so could you try to
> investigate it at your side?

Well, I was not really going to debug it. All you have to do is:

(gdb) file mencoder.exe
/* gdb shows some output here */
(gdb) run -v 

The hope is that when it crashes, it will give you a more useful message
that might mean something to the developers. However, since it won't
run because of an illegal instruction ...

Anyway, why don't you simply build MPlayer on the PIII?

> Also could you try to:
> -- compile it with just the same configure options as I did
> it: --enable-static --disable-network --disable-rutime-cpudetection and MMX,
> MMX2 SSE enabled;

Note that it is probably not enough to disable SSE2, etc.
If you look at the end of your configure output at


you will see that it says:
Optimizing for: pentium-m

My log normally says
Optimizing for: prescott

I have made a change to configure in what I hope is the right place:

if test "$_runtime_cpudetection" = no ; then
    cc_check -march=native && proc=native
/* I inserted the line below this comment */
    if test "$proc" = "k8"; then
      cc_check -march=$proc $cpuopt=$proc || proc=athlon-xp

Now my log says: Optimizing for: i686

> -- compile it without debug info; maybe something goes incorrectly when it
> is compile with debug info.

Not likely. In fact, from time to time people report that they cannot reproduce
the crash when debugging is enabled.

I have only one version in mencoder2.tar.bz2. You can download it at:


It was configured just like yours (and I edited configure as you did to disable
SSE and SSE2) and I did not --enable-debug. Also, I have removed support
for all external libraries except mp3lame.

When I am satisfied that I can build an executable that will work on your
Pentium III, I will compile a debug version. That's why the executable is

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