[MPlayer-users] Possible bug in swscale.c

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Sun Mar 16 20:26:34 CET 2008

Hi, All,

As I reported earlier (see "configure --disable-network..." thread) I've got 
an error on one of my computers (P-III):
Assertion failed: 2*VOF == VOFW, file swscale.c, line 2398

As nobody answered me why it might so happen, I've digged into the source 
file... After few investigations I've discovered that this expression (2*VOF 
== VOFW) is really always false by default, and it just can be never true, 
because of these definitions, found in swscale-internal.h:

#define VOFW 2048
#define VOF  (VOFW*2)

I beleave this is just a typo in the Assert() operator at line 2398:

    assert(2*VOF == VOFW);

 The "W" letter was written at incorrect position. It should be:

    assert(2*VOFW == VOF);

After this update and re-making all is working just fine.

Hope this will be of interest to anybody from the team.


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