[MPlayer-users] configure --disable-network fails on make

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Sun Mar 16 12:32:52 CET 2008

John Brown wrote:

> My newest executable is in mencoder.tar.bz2. Download it at:
> http://download.yousendit.com/CC20844871AC0844

I've tested it. It works fine on Core2Duo but fails on P-III with this 

Exception Code: 0xC000001D
Address: 0x0040DE5C

The last lines on console at this moment are "Compiled for X86 CPU with 
extentions: MMX MMX2 SSE". Failure occurs only if I try to encode (the same 
MOV file with the same command line). No errors occur if I just run it 
without parameters.

My compilation (as I already said) does not give such error, but just gives 
an assertion failure, mentioned above.

I'm not so skilled (softly speaking) in MINGW debugging, so could you try to 
investigate it at your side? Also could you try to:

-- compile it with just the same configure options as I did 
it: --enable-static --disable-network --disable-rutime-cpudetection and MMX, 
MMX2 SSE enabled;

-- compile it without debug info; maybe something goes incorrectly when it 
is compile with debug info.

I'll test both versions and maybe we'll find the problem source.


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