[MPlayer-users] mplayer svn segfaults while playing H264 (ES/mkv)

infernix infernix at infernix.net
Sun Mar 16 03:01:28 CET 2008

RC wrote:
> It sounds very much like a hardware problem.
> To check heat issues, leave your computer powered off for an hour, then
> start it up and immediately play the problematic video, I suspect it
> will work.

I'm afraid that's not the case, as it does not occur with the other 
99.5% of media I play back, which is H264 as well.

On top of that I already thought of this, and I can safely guarantee 
after a 24 hour mprime stress test that the hardware is stable as a rock.

Last but not least:

- Uptime for believe -
Now  : 1 day(s), 02:23:22 running Linux
One  : 83 day(s), 00:19:21 running Linux, ended Sat Mar 15 
00:28:18 2008
Two  : 70 day(s), 12:16:34 running Linux, ended Thu Nov 
  8 13:46:01 2007
Three: 36 day(s), 02:00:29 running Linux, ended Sat Dec 22 
23:36:13 2007

It's definitely not that. I hope someone can still make something of the 
backtrace, though.

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