[MPlayer-users] help! mplayer crashes linux

Brian Mueller neutrino78x at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 04:52:42 CET 2008

Szabolcs Nagy wrote:

>try -vo gl,gl2,sdl,.. (so not the default -vo xv)

hmm ok will try that :)

>my guess, it's an nvidia/ati video driver or xorg bug which usually
>only affects -vo xv

well it's not nvidia or ati, as my graphics card is Intel Integrated Graphics (845G chipset).  Yeah I know, I need to build a new PC, budget problems... :-(

could be xorg bug. :)

>(btw if you can access the computer via ssh then kill Xorg and chvt 1
>will probably allow you to return to the console)

You're probably right -- I doubt this actually crashes Linux per se, just puts it in a state where you can't access the console -- but I'm not really set up with my network to do that, a PC set up as a dumb terminal on the serial port would be another way to do that, but still not set up for that. :) although I do have an IBM PC model 5150 that could be used for this purpose if dusted off and loaded with proper software... ;-)


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