[MPlayer-users] Compile errors on OS X 10.5.2 with Xcode 3.0 and x264 or faac enabled

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Thu Feb 28 10:54:06 CET 2008

On Thursday 28 February 2008 02:48:52 John Brown wrote:

> A word to all those who are deeply distressed by top-posting: only
> 0.01% of top-posters do it in cold blood with malice aforethought.
> The other 99.99% have no idea what top-posting is; the cursor is
> where it is and they just type.  You would advance your cause
> greatly if you explained it, or gave them a link, or even told them
> to Google top-posting.

the intention is irrelevant: the harm done is _very_ relevant.
We always say to top-posters to refrain from that practice;
additionally an intelligent person searches in google
what "top-posting" is, while an idiot asks (maybe top-posting
once more) what that term means. Of course this last kind of 
idiot deserves bashing :)

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