[MPlayer-users] GCC 4 and above

Drewe Zanki piston9 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 13:46:40 CEST 2006

Am running FC4 with most updates. I update regularily.

I will install the compat modules and see what response I get. Failing that,
will go CVS!

I tried to downgrade to GCC3 and it tried to remove half my system - thought
that wasn't a good move!


On 4/1/06, Vladimir Mosgalin <mosgalin at vm10124.spb.edu> wrote:
> Hi Drewe Zanki!
> On 2006.04.01 at 21:15:07 +1000, Drewe Zanki wrote next:
> > Trying to compile Mplayer. I run Fedora Core 4 (with no Gui - I just use
> > for comand line and webmin for some stuff - it is a pure server), which
> has
> > GCC 4.something installed. I get a bunch of errors about depreciated
> > commands and options, etc.
> Here is the catch: the last stable release doesn't support gcc 4.
> 1.0pre7try2 can be compiled with it, but the resulting mplayer will be
> crash in swscaler, possibly in some other parts. So try out cvs version.
> IF you are already trying to compile cvs, then mention it! In that case,
> it's a bug, there should be no problems with compiling cvs with current
> stable gcc (4.1 or 4.0.2, or something like that.. not sure).
> > I realise I had to disable GCC checking in the compile.
> >
> > I tried the pre-compiled RPM's but the Mencoder one does not include
> Xvid
> > support - which is the whole point of this excercise!
> >
> > I have no idea how to downgrade my GCC. I checked and FC4 I think came
> with
> > V4 of GCC - I need to go to the FC3 version? I tried Yum and it didn't
> have
> > anything. I can't use a Fedora package cause it complains I don't have
> Core
> > 3.
> Actually, no problems with that. Just install compat-gcc-32 and
> compat-gcc-32-c++ packages and use CC=gcc32 (CXX=g++32 for C++ programs)
> to use the gcc 3 compiler. But in mplayer case, better just update to
> cvs version.
> Btw, do you have latest updates installed? Most FC versions are quite
> buggy at the time of the release and get polished only by the time the
> next version is out. Which means, right now FC4 + all updates is the
> best FC version out there.
> --
> Vladimir
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