[MPlayer-users] how to play subtitles embedded in AVI files

Alexander Noe' alexander.noe at s2001.tu-chemnitz.de
Sat May 21 15:16:05 CEST 2005

The Wanderer wrote:

>> You most likely did not compare the source subtitle file and the
>> extracted subtitle file byte-wise, so you can impossibly know that.
> Given that the end result is in fact a single contiguous subtitle file,

> the input must have been the same thing.

I have several contiguous AVI files... according to your logic, those
are all identical   HAHAHA

> I declare this is the face of
> any and all evidence, and attempts to convince me otherwise will be
> utterly futile. 

This is what i've waited for, it clearly shows that you have no clue
what you are actually trying to talk about :) :)


SixFeetUnders04e01.srt <= created by an obviously broken subtitle file 
creator  (look at item 335)
SixFeetUnders04e01_fixed.srt <= muxed and reextracted with avi-mux gui

Other broken tools put a bunch of spaces on lines that are supposed to 
be empty...


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