[MPlayer-users] House of flying subtitles

Jon Fairbairn jonf.dvb at mailnull.com
Sat May 21 13:06:10 CEST 2005

I'm using mplayer-1.0pre7 and dxr3, which mostly works quite

However, if I try to watch the "House of Flying Daggers" DVD
on the tv output of the dxr3, the English subtitles are
presented for a time suitable only for speed-readers on

Viewed with "mplayer -vo xv" or "mplayer -vo x11" the timing
is fine. Viewed with xine on the tv output it's also
fine. As far as I can tell, "mplayer -vo dxr3" starts the
display of each subtitle at about the right time, it just
removes it far too soon.

mplayer grumbles thus:

demux_mpg: 24000/1001fps progressive NTSC content detected, switching framerate.

but while forcing the framerate (-fps 30 or 25) gets rid of
this warning, it makes no apparent difference to the

Any suggestions?


Jón Fairbairn                              Jon.Fairbairn at cl.cam.ac.uk

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