[MPlayer-users] help wanted: using mencoder to make NTSC DVD from transport stream

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sun Mar 6 09:46:25 CET 2005

Aaron Peterson wrote:

>>If there are many and frequent frameskips add -mc 0 -noskip.
>I tried this with a .wmv (that claims to be 1000 fps according to
>mplayer?).  I used -ofps 30 and -oac mp3lame.  It came out looking
>very nice, but the video lags noticeably behind the audio in the
>resulting file.  
and without -mc 0 -noskip ?
If you upload a sample to ftp://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/incoming and
post the filename I will give it a look

>I'm wondering what better techniques might be
>employed in such situations.  Could I expect similar discrepancy if I
>were re-encoding from mpeg4?  Will I encounter similar problems
>anytime I try to modify the frame rate?  Or does this have more to do
>with re-encoding the audio?

I bet it has something to do with the container of the original file,
in this case asf/wmv

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