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sabine funk mail at
Mon Jan 24 17:30:59 CET 2005

no, i am using the command line mplayer without the gui, the font i
installed is just the arial package available on the website. the
subtitles i was trying were both english and german, i tried various
DVDs. i think the format is VOB.

the strange thing is, there is actually no difference between the
subtitles mplayer was using before and after installing the OSD. reading
the documentary i got the impression that OSD subtitles should be
displayed after pressing 'o' ?
i only get subtitles working with the -slang or -sid option. i also got
the impression that mplayer should start using the font selcted for the
OSD as subtitle font right away, but maybe i got that wrong.
thanks for any further advice!


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   sabine funk wrote:
   > hi,
   > i finally got the OSD working because i didn't like the 
   bold font with 
   > outline mplayer was using for displaying subtitles. it 
   works fine but 
   > the font i installed is only applied to the OSD menu and 
   timer itself 
   > - the subtitles are still displayed as they were, changing 
   the values 
   > in the menu.conf does not seem to have an effect.
   > do i have to edit some other settings or does the OSD only 
   work with 
   > certain subtitle files?
   > thanks,
   > sabine
   Can you tell (post it here) what subtitles format do you use, what 
   language and codepage?
   Then, it could be interesting what font do you use - TTF or bitmap.
   As I can see, you are talking about GUI mplayer, gmplayer, right?
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