[MPlayer-users] Recording multistream ASF streams

Peter Buchmann peter.buchmann at gmx.net
Tue Jan 11 12:11:56 CET 2005

Hi again.

the dumped stream can be played with mplayer, but you could
try the combination -dumpvideo -dumpaudio -dumpfile whatever.asf.
this could get rid of the unwanted extra information because
you tell mplayer explicitly to dump just the audio and the video.

Again: i can play the stream just fine with yesterdays CVS of mplayer.
so that !could! be the problem.

with the mms://video2.corbina.tv/tv0 -issue i cant really help you because
i just get: "Unable to open URL: mms://video2.corbina.tv/tv2" as output.
so i would guess that the server doesnt respond and so it shouldnt play
with any player.


Aleksey Sudakov wrote:
> While playing with multi-stream ASF streams I found another problem. 
> Regardless of that mplayer could only play stream ID 4 or the last
> substream when you use -dumpstream on mms://vipmms.itele.fr/cpi_itele
> for example, the result cannot be played neither by Windows Media
> Player, nor Real Player (on Windows) and although xine plays the dump
> for the stream above, even xine fails on certain stream dumps
> (mms://video.corbina.tv/tv2 for example, that mplayer itself cannot play
> either).

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