[MPlayer-users] Recording multistream ASF streams

Aleksey Sudakov zander at objectstorm.net
Tue Jan 11 06:00:13 CET 2005

While playing with multi-stream ASF streams I found another problem. 

Regardless of that mplayer could only play stream ID 4 or the last
substream when you use -dumpstream on mms://vipmms.itele.fr/cpi_itele
for example, the result cannot be played neither by Windows Media
Player, nor Real Player (on Windows) and although xine plays the dump
for the stream above, even xine fails on certain stream dumps
(mms://video.corbina.tv/tv2 for example, that mplayer itself cannot play

The problem is that -dumpstream dumps everything mplayer receives
including stream header that in example above specify that there are 4
streams. At the same time mplayer negotiate to receive stream ID 4 (or
the last stream) and as a result you've got a stream dump that sometimes
confuse even mplayer.

Quick fix would be to modify a header of a dump to contain just one
stream that mplayer receive and together with ability to select a stream
from multistream ASF streams would have fixed the problem. 

In the meantime I tried mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy .... but the result
was badly indexed avi that mplayer complained about and played back with
a lot of jerkyness while other players refuse to play period.

Any ideas on how to fix all that?


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