[MPlayer-users] Mencoder and HuffYUV

Levente Novák lnovak at dragon.unideb.hu
Mon Feb 14 09:04:18 CET 2005

Reimar Döffinger wrote:
> update is a daemon that does sync all the time - if you use that instead
> of letting the kernel make that decision you don't have to be surprised
> if you get bad performance. Simply removing that daemon should do the
> job even better - and there is no reason to run it unless you have
> critical data and/or expect your PC to crash a lot.

Yes and no. It is true this can cause harm, but so far it is the only 
way to get smooth HuffYUV captures. I did not mean it has to run all the 
time -- just enable it before capture and disable afterwards.
Without, HUffYUV capture -- on my box -- doesn't work smoothly. More 
exactly this is not the capture itself, but the disk transfer which hogs 
periodically the system.


PS: On the other way, ffv1rec from avidemux2 is constantly flusing 
during capture, so there is no disk transfer bottleneck. Sadly enough, 
it does only YV12 colorspace.

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