[MPlayer-users] Letterboxed movies

Sebastian Schäfer Sebastian.Schaefer at ropa.de
Wed Aug 3 17:09:25 CEST 2005

Hi there!

I started a little project here and stumbled about a bit of a problem:

Some DVDs contain a movie which is saved as a 4:3 video, but the really displayed screen is 16:9.
As we use a 16:9 monitor this results in the movies being showed very, very small.
So, I thought about using mplayer's Pan & Scan feature for getting rid of the black borders. Unfortunately, the only thing happening is, that absolutely nothing happens :-(

The commandline I used was:
Mplayer -vo xvidix -panscan <value> dvd://1

In the output Pan & Scan is not mentioned and the vidix driver loads ok.

Another idea would be: Is there a possibility to automatically detect, whether there are such borders in a video, and then don't display these borders on the screen, but "inflate" the video, so that is shown on the whole screen (in the case of being a 16:9 movie played on a 16:9 screen)

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Sebastian Schäfer

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