[MPlayer-users] AMD64 Question...

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at rangers.eu.org
Wed Aug 3 17:19:06 CEST 2005

On Wednesday, 03 August 2005 at 08:17, Rainer Hantsch wrote:
> Hi, folks!
> In the past I always experienced biggest problems with XINE on AMD64
> systems (matching/required codec not found), while mplayer could play
> this movie files (i.e. a self-recorded DivX4 file). Someone told me that
> XINE-64 is not able to use 32-Bit codecs and therefore this problem
> appears. Because 64-bit systems will be the standard in very short time,
> I am gathering information about differences and problems.
> Actually I am more and more satisfied with mplayer, so I think about
> using this one instead of XINE in the future, at least as long as XINE
> does not fully work on 64 Bit systems.
> .) When I download the actual rpm-versions of mplayer/mencoder/all-codecs,
>    will this be a full replacement of XINE?

No. MPlayer doesn't support DVD menus.

>    I am missing somehow the buttons for choosing between several sources
>    (VCD, DVD, NAV, TVB, ...) in the GUI, but exist in the xine-GUI. Does
>    mplayer/gmplayer have something similar - possibly somewhere hidden?
>    (Because I have only a mouse and no kbd, I hope that mplayer can be
>    fully operated with a mouse only...)

I *think* you can do most things with the mouse, but I wouldn't bet on it.
The GUI is quite limited. It may not have all the buttons, but all
necessary functions should be available through the menu.

> .) Because I also "repair" movies (by re-ripping them to correct their
>    often very low audio-level, smoothen the image,..., get a unique
>    DivX4 file), I use nearely always mencoder. Works really excellent
>    and fast.
>    . Is there some difference between 32/64 Bit versions (if there
>      already exists a 64Bit version)?

The 64bit version cannot use VfW/DShow/DMO/QT/Real Win32 and Linux binary
codecs, just like xine.

>    . Is there a DivX4 (no DivX5/6 !) codec available? I experienced that
>      my DVD-player sometimes has biggest problems with DivX5.x files made
>      by some "specialists", while DivX4 plays fine.

Yes, there is, but you most certainly don't want to use it. Instead,
use a proper set of lavc or xvid encoding options. I don't remember
the exact set, but this link could be useful:


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