[MPlayer-users] xv overlay dies with nVidia card

Jouni.Lohikoski@iki.fi jlohikos at cc.hut.fi
Wed Apr 13 14:59:34 CEST 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 02:38:31PM +0400, Oleynik Phil wrote:
> Adam Nielsen wrote:
> >(i.e. the xv overlay has been created and destroyed a number of times -
> >probably 15 to 20 times) it suddenly stops creating the overlay and all
> >I get is the blue window where the video should be.  MPlayer doesn't

Yes I have had the same problem. 

> >problem?  It's rather annoying and requires a complete reload of X11 to
> >fix (switching to text mode and back with Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't work.)

I sometimes get it fixed without restarting X, but I don't know how.
When it stops working, I switch to use -vo gl2, but I think sometimes
when after I have forgot to give that parameter it works again with xv.
Also at least one time xv wasn't working and was just showing blue, I
had hanging mplayer on the background and "killall mplayer" fixed it.
I don't know why, but sometimes mplayer seems to stay background
although it has closed its window (and GUI).

> First of al, NVidia driver is open-source. You can run a package with

No it is not. "Open-source" is something else but "partly open source".
If Nvidia driver really would be open source, RivaTV driver developers
wouldn't have problems to get Video-IN working with nvidia binary
driver. Now there is, and Video-IN does not work in Nvidia cards with
nvidia drivers. Please avoid buying Nvidia cards.

> --extract-only

or -x. Please notice the files in usr/lib/. If you have source code for
those files, I am sure very many people would be thankful if you would
share them.

Part of the driver (which uses nvidia hardware) is in .so files, and those 
are binary only.

> If problem persists after downloading -7174 version of a driver,
> post xvinfo output here. 

I have had the problem with v7174 driver. When I have it next time, I'll
try to debug more.

// jouni

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