[MPlayer-users] nvidia/cvidix "Can't find chip" -- NOVIRUS

Joe Neeman joeneeman at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 10:52:46 CET 2004

>You used
>"-vo cvidix:nvidia_vid", but what you want is "-vo cvidix:nvidia_vid.so"
>- i.e, provide the full filename, not just the part before the extension.
>I've managed (when in console) to get MPlayer to start, with audio but
>no video, using CVIDIX; I haven't even been able to get that far using
>XVIDIX, however, and I suspect that my particular nVidia card isn't
>supported by the relevant hardware-recognizing code.

Ok, so now I get:
[nvidia_vid]: warning: forcing not supported yet!
[nvidia_vid] Can't find chip
vosub_vidix: Couldn't find working VIDIX driver

Does this mean that vidix doesn't yet support my chip?

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