[MPlayer-users] Playing an LPCM DVD

Christiaan Willemsen christiaan at deepspace9.xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 26 18:11:43 CET 2004


I have a problem with one of my DVD's: "David Gilmour in Concert"

It contains a AC3 (DD) and an LPCM track. The LPCM track is suppost to 
be 24 bit (I think 48 kHz, but I'm not sure).

Well... the thing just won't play in mplayer! AC3 is fine, but the LPCM 
track just gives me static. Mplayer also thinks is 16 bit, and not 24-bit.

I tried forcing 24-bit with command line arguments, but I can't get it 
to work.

Anyone an idea? I use mplayer 1.0-pre3 (and pre2). Don't be embaraced 
though, vlc and xine won't work either ;)

5 years won't be a long time to wait 4 years 11 months and 30 days from

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