[MPlayer-users] Multi-track Quicktime?

eleven at dangray.f9.co.uk eleven at dangray.f9.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 15:00:32 CET 2004

 I've got a quicktime track (from the Wierd Al CD 'Poodle Hat') that appears to contain a quicktime movie that navigates like a DVD. gmplayer detects that the movie contains multiple titles and lists them, selecting a title results in getting a short glimpse of the static screen that accompanies that track. However, the file also contains multiple audio tracks (four, as far as I know) that I can't access, the audio for the movie on track one plays fine but that's it. 

 Is there any way I can get mplayer to say, delay closing the video input at the 'end' of a video track to see if there is a longer audio track present? Has anyone else got this particular movie and had success with it? Is there a good way of getting to just the audio tracks (-aid doesn't seem to work).

  Thanks for any advice

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