[MPlayer-users] vobsub -> microdvd

Ivan Imperl ivica at ptt.yu
Sun Jan 18 15:23:08 CET 2004

Nedavno Vladimir Mosgalin pise:

| II>I am trying to convert titles from vobsub format to microdvd
| II>format:
| It is impossible to just convert them

And what than this part of MPlayer's manual means:

    -dumpmicrodvdsub (MPLAYER only)
        Convert the given subtitle (specified with the -sub  option)  to
        the MicroDVD subtitle format.  Creates a dumpsub.sub file in the
        current directory.

| you have to perform OCR'ing and
| then convert to microdvd sub. You should at least install gocr and try
| subrip tool from TOOLS directory.

I get a lot of "The upper char was not recognized".

| Or, slightly better solution: use
| subtitleripper (http://subtitleripper.sourceforge.net).

I do not have DVD any more, I thought that mplayer can dump subtitles
from *.idx and *.sub files I have.

| Or, even
| better solution (quality of conversion will be better and the result
| will require less corrections) - download subrip
| (http://www.subrip.fr.st/), it installs and runs perfectly under wine.

I'll try it (and hope that I can do what I need without DVD).

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