[MPlayer-users] vobsub -> microdvd

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sun Jan 18 12:57:59 CET 2004

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Ivan Imperl wrote:

II>I am trying to convert titles from vobsub format to microdvd format:

It is impossible to just convert them, you have to perform OCR'ing and
then convert to microdvd sub. You should at least install gocr and try
subrip tool from TOOLS directory. Or, slightly better solution: use
subtitleripper (http://subtitleripper.sourceforge.net). Or, even better
solution (quality of conversion will be better and the result will
require less corrections) - download subrip (http://www.subrip.fr.st/),
it installs and runs perfectly under wine.



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