[MPlayer-users] mplayer crashes with signal 11 in decode_video

Julien Langer jlanger at zigweb.de
Tue Jan 13 23:06:09 CET 2004


When I play a mpeg Video, mplayer often crashes with signal 11 in
This happens with 1.0pre1, pre2, pre3 and current cvs from today. 0.92
however works fine.
Also this only seems to happen when the system load is a bit higher.
(for example when switching to another workspace or starting another
Does anybody know something about this? Maybe it's a bug?

MPlayer dev-CVS-040113-22:13-3.3.3 (C) 2000-2004 MPlayer Team

CPU: Advanced Micro Devices Duron Spitfire 918.7 MHz (Family: 6,
Stepping: 1)
Detected cache-line size is 64 bytes
CPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 1 3DNow2: 1 SSE: 0 SSE2: 0
Compiled with Runtime CPU Detection - WARNING - this is not optimal!
To get best performance, recompile MPlayer with
Reading config file /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
Reading config file /home/julien/.mplayer/config
[cfg] read config file: /home/julien/.mplayer/gui.conf
Reading config file /home/julien/.mplayer/gui.conf
vo: X11 running at 1024x768 with depth 24 and 32 bpp (":0.0" => local
Reading /home/julien/.mplayer/codecs.conf: Can't open
'/home/julien/.mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory
Reading /etc/mplayer/codecs.conf: 62 audio & 166 video codecs
Font /usr/share/mplayer/font/font.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
Failed to open /dev/rtc: Permission denied (mplayer should be setuid
root or /dev/rtc should be readable by the user.)
Using usleep() timing
Can't open input config file /home/julien/.mplayer/input.conf: No such
file or directory
Input config file /etc/mplayer/input.conf parsed: 52 binds
SKIN dir 1: '/home/julien/.mplayer/Skin'
SKIN dir 2: '/usr/share/mplayer/Skin'

Playing /home/media/incoming/The Mars Volta - Inertiatic Esp.mpg.
Cache fill: 17,76% (1818624 bytes)    LMLM4 Stream Format not found
MPEG-PS file format detected.
VIDEO:  MPEG1  352x288  (aspect 8)  25,000 fps  1150,0 kbps (143,8
Opening audio decoder: [mp3lib] MPEG layer-2, layer-3
MP3lib: init layer2&3 finished, tables done
AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, 16 bit (0x10), ratio: 28000->176400 (224,0 kbit)
Selected audio codec: [mp3] afm:mp3lib (mp3lib MPEG layer-2, layer-3)
Trying to force video codec driver family 5...
Opening video decoder: [mpegpes] MPEG 1/2 Video passthrough
VDec: vo config request - 352 x 288 (preferred csp: Mpeg PES)
Could not find matching colorspace - retrying with -vf scale...
Opening video filter: [scale]
The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec.
VDecoder init failed :(
Opening video decoder: [libmpeg2] MPEG 1/2 Video decoder libmpeg2-v0.3.1
Selected video codec: [mpeg12] vfm:libmpeg2 (MPEG 1 or 2 (libmpeg2))
Checking audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/16bit ->
AF_pre: af format: 2 bps, 2 ch, 44100 hz, little endian signed int 
AF_pre: 44100Hz 2ch Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian)
alsa-init: requested format: 44100 Hz, 2 channels, Signed 16-bit
alsa-init: 1 soundcard found, using: hw:0,0
alsa9: 44100 Hz/2 channels/4 bpf/65536 bytes buffer/Signed 16 bit Little
AO: [alsa9] 44100Hz 2ch Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian) (2 bps)
Building audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/16bit ->
Starting playback...
VDec: vo config request - 352 x 288 (preferred csp: Planar YV12)
VDec: using Planar YV12 as output csp (no 0)
Movie-Aspect is 1,33:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
VO: [xv] 352x288 => 384x288 Planar YV12 

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: decode_video

Julien Langer

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