[MPlayer-users] colour problem with watching DVD on solaris sparc

Roland Egger egger at tarantel.rz.fh-muenchen.de
Tue Jan 13 22:45:21 CET 2004

my originally problem was that mplayer (mplayer1pre2) has problems
with watching some *copy righted* dvds and -vo x11 so I tried
MPlayer 1.0pre3-3.3.2.
Now watching this dvds was possible but with e.g.
mplayer -vo x11 -cache 4096 -alang en dvd://1 -chapter 1 -framedrop
all colours went wrong => blue faces ...

I tried several parameter combinations and recognized that with some parameter
combinations I can get the correct colours again.
Using sdl as driver with -vo sdl shows correct colour
mplayer -vo sdl -cache 4096 -alang en dvd://1 -chapter 1 -framedrop
scaling the video
mplayer -vo x11 -vf scale=360:288:0:100 -cache 4096 -alang en dvd://1 -chapter 1 -framedrop -sws 4
changing the colours with rgb2bgr=swap
mplayer -vo x11 -vf rgb2bgr=swap -cache 4096 -alang en dvd://1 -chapter 1 -framedrop

Every of my three workarounds are slower or not so nice than using
the x11 driver direct especially -vf rgb2bgr=swap slows down the video
I don't know whats wrong with my mplayer version. I tried the default
compiler options and then for ultrasparc optimized options but with
every DVD (not only copy righted DVDs) I get the wrong colours now.

I'm using the mediaLib from sun Version 2.2

Can anybody help me? Is mplayer version 1.0pre3-3.3.2 tested on sparc
solaris (2.8) with medialib and -vo x11?
Could that be a bug?

I would be happy if anybody could help me.

Kind regards

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