[MPlayer-users] Walmart music download service & MPlayer

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Wed Jan 7 02:18:33 CET 2004

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 23:57, R G Cottrell wrote:
> >download plain unencrypted mp3 files from the place of your choice. :)
> This sounds better, I think there's a Kazaa client for Linux, so I could
> pay for
> them at Walmart and download them off Kazaa.  :-)
idea sounds nice but there are better systems than kazaa :D (which sucks btw)

> :-) Yeah, that would be nice.  The DMCA doesn't scare me, I live in
> Australia.
could you post some of these drm'ed files and we could have some very 
intelligent person to crack 'em. (note if you already did this, don't :D i 
can't actually remember what went on previously in the thread) 

though, isnt' there already a win32 program for this? i guess groups have 
battled against harder copy protections in games than some wma files..

> MPlayer - more than a program, it's an adventure.
ha, rtfm first, at least before thinking something like that aloud :D

> Regards, Ross.

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