[MPlayer-users] recoding script for DVD/SVCD/VCD

Martin Emrich martin at emmerator.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 2 22:32:07 CET 2004


Am Fr, den 02.01.2004 schrieb rcooley um 15:21:

> Well, you should look-up the specs for VCD/SVCD/DVDs.  

I just did this. Yes, RTFM is always good ;-)

> believe you need one keyframe every second to be within spec...  So
> keyint=25 for PAL, and keyint=30 for NTSC. 

I found nothing specific about this (and I don't want to pay big $$$
for the official specs), so I'll just stick to these in the next 
version. For DVD, I found out that it's even 15 for PAL and 18 for NTSC.
So I compared two videos, one with 132, the other with 15, I don't see
much difference.

I just uploaded a new version of the script with the new values
(defaults are the PAL values).

> On my hardware DVD-player (Apex AD1225, NTSC), seeking backwards will
> not work normally with a keyint >30.  However, I prefer to cheat, and
> use a keyint of 60... That way, I am not able to seek backwards at 2X,
> but 4X or greater still works.

Sounds good. I actually made SVCDs with keyint=132 which work on my
parents' DVD Player (cheapo Dayton DVD777). But didn't try seeking.



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