[MPlayer-users] Re: no joy with latest CVS April 1, 2004

Roberto Togni r_togni at tiscali.it
Thu Apr 1 23:59:05 CEST 2004

On 2004.04.01 23:20, michael higgins wrote:
> I installed MPlayer from CVS this morning, got the error (again at  
> bottom), re-installed to the previous release as I'd mentioned. I  
> thought, since I'd gotten some help from the list about these  
> realaudio streams that don't play, I'd at least check out the CVS and  
> see what happened when I built it. And I posted what happened...  
> really, that's all there was. Work was slow this morning.
> And alsa:
> pkg-config --modversion alsa
> 1.0.2
>> problem in last message seemed not to be the sample but inability to  
>> open the audio device.
> Right. It's not a problem but a report of the install from CVS, which  
> I
> just undid immediately thereafter.
> It had nothing to do with the info about the stream, it's just all  
> there was to post.
> >Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.
> >Audio: no sound
> >Video: no video
> This was the unexpected error.

That's the problem. Your stream have no video (that's ok, it's audio  
only), MPlayer was not able to play audio (decoding was ok with  
liba52), so it had nothing to do and quit.

> Now, if I missed some big, obvious thing, let me know. I did only  
> what I said. Installed from CVS. Tried new mplayer. No joy.  
> Reinstalled old MPLayer. So, something is broken, somewhere. Either  
> in the post-install instructions (are there post-install  
> instructions?) or in the new code.
> Or somewhere else, but, I'm not in a position to go hunting it down  
> unless someone helps me provide the proper descriptions. I'm not sure  
> yet as to all of what is involved.
> However, I'd _like_ to help someone else figure it out, if it helps  
> the development overall. Is this unreasonable? I haven't followed the  
> list long enough to judge.
If your problem is with audio device, you should get it with every  
file. Can you confirm it?
Looks like you're using Alsa (i use oss and everything works ok here):  
can you try oss emulation mode? (if it works, it can be a workaround)
Else, if you have some time to spare, try to downgrade ao_alsa1x.c  
(since you're using Alsa 1.0.2) using cvs upgrade -r # libao2/alsa1x.c  
where # is the version number of the file (current version is 1.43),  
and check when it broke.

I'm not an Alsa user, maybe someone else can give you more useful  

> -- mike higgins

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