[MPlayer-users] [TV-OUT] Working R128 tv-out with unplugged cable while booting

Patrice Levesque wayne at ptaff.ca
Thu Sep 25 05:26:27 CEST 2003

> > Can't help you much at the moment, because I'm at work. But I think
> > (am almost sure), that it's plain text mode console. I have fb
> > support compiled in the 2.4.20 kernel, but my opinion is, that it does
> > not use fb. If a software rectangular fb cursor is the 100% recognition
> > sign (it means that fb _always_ uses it), it _does_not_ use fb. But after
> > executing ./atitvout detect; (when tv signal comes up) frequency of CRT
> > changes, picture vertically shrinks and conslole looks like I had a TV cable
> > plugged in before turning my PC on.
> For the record, it started to work when I switched (in text mode) to
> 80x50 (I boot in 80x60).  I felt the screen change its refresh rate (and
> for some unknown (and weird?) reason all character lines were not the
>   same height).  It works, though :)
> I could even start a "parallel" X session, using the VESA driver.  I'm
> currently in it, in front of my TV, writing about it.  Ain't it great?
> :)


After quitting the parallel X session, I could not get to the original
session - the sync was really out.  I tried "./atitvout -c; atitvout
detect" in both console and a scrambled X, but to no result.

Switching modes with SVGATextMode (as I did to switch from 80x60 to
80x50) would only bring nothingness and garbled screen.

I tried "textmode" from the SVGAlib package, in text console mode, and to my
great surprise, it scrambled my textmode but switching back and forth
to my 1st X session everything was back to normal, both console and X.

So, an alternate procedure (that works for me!)

Needs SVGATextMode (if you don't boot in 80x50)
SVGAlib (1.9.17)
Hardware tested: Rage Fury, 32MB with TV-out

Get the TV to work after boot:
1) Plug the connector
2) Switch to 80x50 `SVGATextMode 80x50` // should it be needed
3) `./atitvout t; ./atitvout detect`
4) TV-out is now functional; use mplayer with vesa:vidix or start an X
session with the vesa driver (or maybe configure some 50-60Hz
modelines and use the ati driver? dunno yet if it works)

Getting rid of the TV out mode (to get your great refresh rate back,
60Hz sucks)!
1) Get out of your VESA-enabled X session and/or mplayer
2) `./atitvout c; ./atitvout detect` // I think it did nothing, but
really nothing to lose here
3) `textmode` // from the SVGAlib binaries
4) Get back to your original X session

That's it.  I used gatos driver for my original X session.

Hope it helps some!

  Patrice Levesque
  wayne at ptaff.ca
--====|====-- "I won't say what it does because I
don't want to promote a non-free program" --- RMS

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