[MPlayer-users] Re: Green Screen: tv and bt848

Levente Novák lnovak at dragon.unideb.hu
Wed Sep 24 17:52:51 CEST 2003

> From what I'm told, the author of bttv either doesn't understand
> interlacing or doesn't care to implement it right, so when you set the
> card in "yv12" mode, you get a proper interlaced 480-line (or 576
> w/pal) luma plane, but you get the full 240-line upper chroma field in
> the chroma planes, with the lower field thrown away entirely!! The
> correct way to deliver interlaced yv12, of course, is to also
> interlace the chroma planes, giving two 120-line fields. The way bttv
> does it, half of your fields are missing their chroma plane, so they
> have to be thrown away or you'll have bogus output.

Is this issue pertaining only to the stock v2.4 kernel's bttv driver 
(versions 0.7.xx), or also to the newer 0.9.xx line? I use the latter 
since quite a long time and never had problems (at least there is no 
visible difference whethet the outfmt is yuy2 or yv12).


PS: Maybe of importance: I live in a PAL country.

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