[MPlayer-users] [TV-OUT] Working R128 tv-out with unplugged cable while booting

Patrice Levesque wayne at ptaff.ca
Thu Sep 25 02:01:59 CEST 2003

> Can't help you much at the moment, because I'm at work. But I think
> (am almost sure), that it's plain text mode console. I have fb
> support compiled in the 2.4.20 kernel, but my opinion is, that it does
> not use fb. If a software rectangular fb cursor is the 100% recognition
> sign (it means that fb _always_ uses it), it _does_not_ use fb. But after
> executing ./atitvout detect; (when tv signal comes up) frequency of CRT
> changes, picture vertically shrinks and conslole looks like I had a TV cable
> plugged in before turning my PC on.

For the record, it started to work when I switched (in text mode) to
80x50 (I boot in 80x60).  I felt the screen change its refresh rate (and
for some unknown (and weird?) reason all character lines were not the
  same height).  It works, though :)

I could even start a "parallel" X session, using the VESA driver.  I'm
currently in it, in front of my TV, writing about it.  Ain't it great?

Thanks a lot for the hints, I can't be happier :)

  Patrice Levesque
  wayne at ptaff.ca
--====|====-- "I won't say what it does because I
don't want to promote a non-free program" --- RMS

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