[MPlayer-users] [TV-OUT] Working R128 tv-out with unplugged cable while booting

Karel Vasicek k.vasicek at seznam.cz
Wed Sep 24 17:26:09 CEST 2003

Sorry for replying this way, but I'm still having problems with replying.
May be I'm an idiot, but who cares.

> Not a known fact for me! allow me to ask for some "details" as I have
> the same graphics board and I hate to reboot :)

So _did_ I:-)

>> After starting X I plug in my tv cable, switch
>> into console, run ./atitvout t;./atitvout detect; and get a signal
>> on a TV:-).
> Is your console on a framebuffer or is it the plain'ol text mode? what
> it the resolution (try `fbset -s` for framebuffer, `set|egrep
> "ROWS|COLUMNS"` for text mode)  It seems that the ATI tv-out feature
> "freezes" the refresh rate at 60Hz (50Hz for PAL) - I just wonder if the
> mode you're switching into before running atitvout is at that frequency.

Can't help you much at the moment, because I'm at work. But I think
(am almost sure), that it's plain text mode console. I have fb
support compiled in the 2.4.20 kernel, but my opinion is, that it does
not use fb. If a software rectangular fb cursor is the 100% recognition
sign (it means that fb _always_ uses it), it _does_not_ use fb. But after
executing ./atitvout detect; (when tv signal comes up) frequency of CRT
changes, picture vertically shrinks and conslole looks like I had a TV cable
plugged in before turning my PC on.

> Do I understand that after these two commands you see your command
> prompt on the TV?

You're absolutely right. In fact there are two more "commands" - to switch
into console and to plug in a TV cable:-)

> What version of atitvout are you using? seems that lots of little things
> changed (broke) between releases.

0.4 I think, but I'm not sure. I downloaded it some time
ago and don't know, if it wasn't any earlier version. I'll
have a look at home and let you know.

> What graphics driver are you using in X? I wonder if the driver "wakes
> up the card" in any way.

RH9 XFree 4.3.0 r128 driver. No gatos or other patches. Don't know
if RH adds some "extra" features comparing with original XFree86 driver.

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