[MPlayer-users] [TV-OUT] Working R128 tv-out with unplugged cable while booting

Patrice Levesque wayne at ptaff.ca
Wed Sep 24 14:50:23 CEST 2003

> I don't know if this is a known fact (it's so simple, that
> I think anyone uses this procedure), but a combination of R128 +
> atitvout + vesa:vidix = working tv-out with unconnected cable
> while booting:-). 

Not a known fact for me! allow me to ask for some "details" as I have
the same graphics board and I hate to reboot :)

> After starting X I plug in my tv cable, switch
> into console, run ./atitvout t;./atitvout detect; and get a signal
> on a TV:-). 

Is your console on a framebuffer or is it the plain'ol text mode? what
it the resolution (try `fbset -s` for framebuffer, `set|egrep
"ROWS|COLUMNS"` for text mode)  It seems that the ATI tv-out feature
"freezes" the refresh rate at 60Hz (50Hz for PAL) - I just wonder if the
mode you're switching into before running atitvout is at that frequency.

Do I understand that after these two commands you see your command
prompt on the TV?

What version of atitvout are you using? seems that lots of little things
changed (broke) between releases.

> I can use mplayer + vesa:vidix to watch movies. When
> I switch back into X, I loose tv signal and picture on monitor
> is "flickering-unsynchronized". I have to run ./atitvout c;
> ./atitvout detect; in console (where tv signal comes up) and
> after switching into X everything works fine (1024x768 at 85).

What graphics driver are you using in X? I wonder if the driver "wakes
up the card" in any way.

That's it for now.  I'd really appreciate your cooperation as the
TV-out capability on my side seems more like a "mis-feature" :)

  Patrice Levesque
  wayne at ptaff.ca
--====|====-- "I won't say what it does because I
don't want to promote a non-free program" --- RMS

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