[MPlayer-users] [TV-OUT] Working R128 tv-out with unplugged cable while booting

Karel Vasicek k.vasicek at seznam.cz
Wed Sep 24 14:12:11 CEST 2003

Yesterday I tried to post this e-mail to mplayer-dev-eng list - unsuccesfully.


I don't know if this is a known fact (it's so simple, that
I think anyone uses this procedure), but a combination of R128 +
atitvout + vesa:vidix = working tv-out with unconnected cable
while booting:-). After starting X I plug in my tv cable, switch
into console, run ./atitvout t;./atitvout detect; and get a signal
on a TV:-). I can use mplayer + vesa:vidix to watch movies. When
I switch back into X, I loose tv signal and picture on monitor
is "flickering-unsynchronized". I have to run ./atitvout c;
./atitvout detect; in console (where tv signal comes up) and
after switching into X everything works fine (1024x768 at 85).

Don't know how resp. why it works, I'm not a developer. I found
it out last night, so I didn't experiment a lot. Has anyone else
the same or similar experiences?

I must notice, that my TV and R128 are connected through
VCR (R128 composite out -> VCR SCART, VCR antena -> TV).
This may be the reason, I haven't tried to connect it directly
into TV SCART yet.


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