[MPlayer-users] is mencoder as good as nandub ?

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Sun Sep 14 18:08:22 CEST 2003

On Sun, Sep 14, 2003 at 05:39:35PM +0200, linux user wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Can I ask a question here:
> I have read thru the docs and believe I have read almost
> everything. including encodeing tips. Still I have
> question.
> I have DVD with 3 pass I extract audio to frameno.avi. now
> mencoder suggests bitrates. Is this bases on DVD original
> dimensions? IE. if I want endproduct in 640 width do I put
> in crop 640*???
> When I have a movie that I want to resize and de-interlace.
> do I de-interlace in the second pass and resize in the
> third? pass?

Please read encoding.html in the documentation. It answers most of
your questions. During pass 1 and pass 2 (the video passes) you should
(MUST!) use the same filters and encoding options. Otherwise the
output will be bogus, and maybe even worse than 1pass encoding. If you
do 3pass encoding, the first pass is audio-only (so video options are
ignored), but I would not recommend using 3pass mode because it's
sometimes buggy.

As for the bitrates mencoder recommends, they are based entirely on
the amount of space that's already been used up for audio, and the
length of the movie in time. Bitrate has nothing to do with the
spacial dimensions of the movie, except that hires movies will look
bad with very low bitrate.

As far as deinterlacing is concerned, you probably do not want to
deinterlace. VERY FEW dvds are actually interlaced (50fps or 60fps)
video content. If you see interlacing ("combing") then it most likely
means the video has been telecined (do a google search for telecine if
you don't know what that means) and you need to use one of the inverse
telecine filters to reverse it properly. If you just use a
deinterlacer instead you'll ruin the video quality and waste space on
duplicate frames.

Read up on this stuff, and then post again with some specific
questions about what you're trying to do and I'll see if I can help
you better then.


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