[MPlayer-users] Re: best graphical card for mplayer

Patrice Levesque wayne at ptaff.ca
Wed Sep 10 17:49:36 CEST 2003

> > Should be possible to make a dongle that will trick the card that it's
> > plugged into a TV, for less than $5...
> yes, until you go into X _without_ the correct TV-Out modeline, then
> the tvout is switched off and cannot be reenabled. Oh, it can, but tv
> is always out of sync. And btw - this is a workaround for ATI not giving
> out specs, because the windows drivers can enable and disable tvout at
> any time.
> So i think ATI is no better than NVidia, at least regarding the point
> "support of linux / free os". They give a shit about us non-m$-users,
> nvidia at least gives drivers

Mmh? there's an ATI trick for TV-out? how about a HOWTO? here is what I

Booting with TV plugged in TV out: works on both monitor and TV but with
fixed vertical refresh _locked_ at 60Hz (ouch! my eyes hurt!).

Booting w/o TV plugged in TV out: variable vertical refresh but no TV

atitvout seems to do nothing.

Am I understanding that there is a way to switch between the two modes
without rebooting? a HOWTO would *greatly* be appreciated as I wasn't
able to find any working doc.


  Patrice Levesque
  wayne at ptaff.ca
--====|====-- "I won't say what it does because I
don't want to promote a non-free program" --- RMS

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