[MPlayer-users] A N00b's Telnet Woes

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Thu May 29 14:46:51 CEST 2003

> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> hi, i am currently trying to start mplayer from a remote machine by using
a telnet console. However, while mplayer works fine when started locally, it
throughs the attached messages when I start it via telnet. As it seems it
does not find the video card of the remote machine and then tries to use the
terminal window for video output.
> I suspect that the solution is in the docs but I am not at all familiar
with the terminology making it hard for me to find the right starting point.
So, I would be very glad if someone could just point me in the right
> I am using Windows XP and the mplayer-cvs-2003-03-24 version of mplayer
> Thank you very much.
> Here is the somewhat abridged version of mplayer's output:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Reading config file C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Severus
> Reading C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Severus
Snape/Desktop/mplayer/mplayer/codecs.conf: 53 audio & 141 video codecs
> Font C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Severus
> ont.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
> Using usleep() timing
> Unknown key 'menu'
> Can't open input config file /usr/local/etc/mplayer/input.conf : No such
file or
>  directory
> Falling back on default (hardcoded) input config
> Playing z:\o_brother_01.ogm
> OGG file format detected.
> <vo_directx><ERROR>Your card doesn't support overlay
> Opening video filter: [yuy2]
> Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
> Selected video codec: [ffodivx] vfm:ffmpeg (FFmpeg MPEG-4)
> This file was encoded with XviD build 9
> VDec: vo config request - 704 x 288 (preferred csp: Planar YV12)
> Could not find matching colorspace - retrying with -vop scale...
> Opening video filter: [scale]
> The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec.
> init_vo failed
> FATAL: Could not initialize video filters (-vop) or video output (-vo).
> Exiting... (End of file)

You have still the yuy2 filter in your config file. Maybe your remote
does not have overlay support or overlay is not accessible via telnet!
In which case vo directx should fallback to nonoverlay mode.
With vop yuy2 it will always use yuy2 as output colorspace instead
of the probably working rgb/bgr formats.
Note without overlay mplayer will be much slower, but it is still possible
to gain some spedup if you add -dr to your commandline


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