[MPlayer-users] ASX Decoding and relative URLs

Stephen Mollett molletts at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 16 22:30:39 CET 2003

On Sunday 16 Mar 2003 21:05, Hatamoto wrote:
> Okay, I should have specified that MozPlugger is calling mplayer with FQDN.
> Here's the debug line from MozPlugger when opening mplayer:
> PID 810: Executing helper: mozplugger
> 1292,2147483647,56623105,571,129,320,240 http://fqdn.com/video.asx (null)
> :0.0 mplayer -really-quiet -nojoystick -nofs -wid $window -vo x11 -ao
> oss,alsa9,arts,esd,null -zoom -osdlevel 0 "$file" </dev/null video/x-ms-asx

Hmmm... (o) -> :-) [egg on face :)] Sorry for being a little quick on the 
draw... Erm, just been watching one of those US-military-type films, y' see, 
um, can't think of any better excuse right now :o)

Definitely an omission in the ASX parsing... I'm a bit rusty on the C, and I'm 
totally unfamiliar with the MPlayer architecture, but my attention is drawn 
to somewhere in the region of asxparser.c:516 as looking like a possible 
candidate for tweaking, as it looks like the HREF is being extracted from the 
parsed data structure and then opened.

Now tell me I'm totally wrong ;-)


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