[MPlayer-users] ASX Decoding and relative URLs

Hatamoto hatamoto at hhole.com
Sun Mar 16 22:05:34 CET 2003

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Stephen Mollett wrote:

> On Sunday 16 Mar 2003 20:42, Hatamoto wrote:
> > ... I've noticed that when asx files are generated that use relative
> > URLs in the source, mplayer gets confused and doesn't play 'em. For
> > example, the following asx would fail:
> > ...
> > <Param Name = "SourceURL" Value = "/video.wmv" />
> > <Ref href = "/video.wmv" />
> > ...
> > Please consider adding it.
> Easy, if you know where the URL is relative _to_. Even with 10^10 brain cells 
> at my disposal, I can't possibly resolve "/video.wmv" into a playable URL 
> unless I know the address of the page into which video.wmv is supposed to be 
> embedded.
> This is something that would _have_ to be tackled jointly with MozPlugger - 
> passing the base URL of the page from which the relative URL in the ASX 
> should be resolved => there needs to be a) a means for MozPlugger to tell 
> MPlayer the base URL and b) a means (eg. a special commandline option or 
> something) for MPlayer to receive that data.

Okay, I should have specified that MozPlugger is calling mplayer with FQDN. Here's the debug line from MozPlugger when opening mplayer:

PID 810: Executing helper: mozplugger 1292,2147483647,56623105,571,129,320,240 http://fqdn.com/video.asx (null) :0.0 mplayer -really-quiet -nojoystick -nofs -wid $window -vo x11 -ao oss,alsa9,arts,esd,null -zoom -osdlevel 0 "$file" </dev/null video/x-ms-asx

Mozplugger is doing the right thing (in fact, it was the first thing I
checked, which is why I have the debug string available from the mozplugger
invocation handy ;)

It's definately in the asx parsing.

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