[MPlayer-users] ASX Decoding and relative URLs

Hatamoto hatamoto at hhole.com
Sun Mar 16 22:31:45 CET 2003

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Stephen Mollett wrote:

> On Sunday 16 Mar 2003 21:05, Hatamoto wrote:
> > Okay, I should have specified that MozPlugger is calling mplayer with FQDN.
> > Here's the debug line from MozPlugger when opening mplayer:
> > PID 810: Executing helper: mozplugger
> > 1292,2147483647,56623105,571,129,320,240 http://fqdn.com/video.asx (null)
> > :0.0 mplayer -really-quiet -nojoystick -nofs -wid $window -vo x11 -ao
> > oss,alsa9,arts,esd,null -zoom -osdlevel 0 "$file" </dev/null video/x-ms-asx
> Hmmm... (o) -> :-) [egg on face :)] Sorry for being a little quick on the 
> draw... Erm, just been watching one of those US-military-type films, y' see, 
> um, can't think of any better excuse right now :o)

I'm thick skinned enough to let that stuff slide... no worries ;)

> Definitely an omission in the ASX parsing... I'm a bit rusty on the C, and I'm 
> totally unfamiliar with the MPlayer architecture, but my attention is drawn 
> to somewhere in the region of asxparser.c:516 as looking like a possible 
> candidate for tweaking, as it looks like the HREF is being extracted from the 
> parsed data structure and then opened.
> Now tell me I'm totally wrong ;-)

That looks like a good place to start. I'm also completely ignorant of how URL 
parsing and passing is done in mplayer, but I think it'd be likely that 
there'd have to be some logic so that:

- If an fqdn exists for the HREF already, let it pass along

- If an fqdn doesn't exist in the HREF, but does exist in the invocation, that 
  the fdqn from the source be carried over if it exists

So there'd have to be a little something somewhere when things first start 
up, to keep track of the base URL. The action should, optimally, work whether 
called from command line, or through the load file dialogues on the GUI.

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