[MPlayer-users] Mencoder creating AVI without index.

rbtq7ol02 at sneakemail.com rbtq7ol02 at sneakemail.com
Sun Mar 9 15:14:15 CET 2003

I recorded a file with mencoder, and I can't seek when playing it (mplayer 
complains of it having no index).  I tried the following to fix:

mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -o fixed.avi orig.avi

but  the new file has the same problem.  Also tried with -idx and -forceidx, 
and with -oac pcm, with no change.  If reencode with -endpos and cut it (I 
tried making it 40 minutes), the cut version works, but I need the whole 
file.  As it is, mplayer can't seek in it and I haven't found any editing 
tools that can load it.  The file is 2.3GB large, the problem only seems to 
go away if I make it smaller (the 40min cut was 1.6GB).  I also tried to use 
avicat to fix it, but avicat won't read it.  Any suggestions, other than 
finding a place that I can safely split it into two smaller pieces before I 
do the rest of my editing?


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