[MPlayer-users] intro to audio?

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Sun Mar 9 22:24:46 CET 2003

On Sunday 09 March 2003 06:03, Brian Craft wrote:
> What hardware is needed to playback the relevant formats on linux?
afaik dts is only possible with hardware decoder, others can be decoded with 
software. hmm.. what i know, a pentium 2 @ 333MHz class computer with linux 
2.4.18, a gfx card with some nice features like colorspace conv and scaling 
for example (dunno more, i'm more like a user :) which are afaik likely to be 
found on every modern card, and mplayer ofc i was able to play any dvdrip i 
could get my hands on, when with only mplayer actively running i had no 
framedrops..  ofc your soundcard drivers must be somewhat good too. 
framedrops only occured when the bitrate of videostream became higher than 
1500kbits or something, can't actually remember.

hmm, i just re-read your question, no, i wasn't able to play DVD with the 
computer above. :(

> Are there any howto's for doing dvd audio with linux?
i haven't heard of opensource AC3 encoder.. though i haven't even searched, 
which you ofc can :)

> Also, are there any easy solutions for programatically selecting audio
> sources? I currently have a video grabber board (stereo line out), ancient
> stereo sound board, and a vcr. I use all of them with the linux box, but
> haven't found a good way to control which source is active.
your soundcards mixer?

> b.c.
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